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Fanfiction [DGM] Family (Oneshot)

Title : Family
Author : [livejournal.com profile] chelle86
Series : D.Gray-man
Character : Road Camelot
Rating : PG-13
Summary : An idea about what it might have been like when Road first awakened as a Noah.
Disclaimer : D.Gray-man belongs to Katsura Hoshino, etc etc.

She’s walking in the marketplace, hand in hand with her mother. They stop to buy apples, bread, milk, a small box of sweets for her for behaving herself. As they pass a stall selling antiques the warped glass in an old mirror makes her skin look darker than it should be, and she stops to look until an impatient tug pulls her away.

She never gets to eat the sweets. Good little girls don’t tell stories about things that never happened as if they’d actually been there. She wants to ask them why they can’t see her shoes and stockings soaked through from the world being covered in a flood.

Instead she asks if they know they were supposed to die for their wickedness.

The second slap never comes when the first one brings laughter instead of tears.

The next day it’s as if nothing ever happened, her parents too tired to scold after they spent their night fending off bad dreams. She hasn’t slept, staring at the ceiling thinking up childish ways of getting back at them.

No sweets are bought for her on the next trip to the market, but a kindly looking man sees her staring at them and drops some into her hand with a wink.

Her mother shakes her for drawing crosses across her forehead and panics when the marks won’t wash away at first.

They lock her in her room, but don’t say anything when she’s downstairs as usual in the morning. They pretend not to hear her when she tells them about the man with the wonderful grin who let her out.

She wonders if they’d say anything if she told them how he took her flying over cities and countries, the people tiny as ants beneath them as she shrieked with delight from her perch on his shoulder.

In the end she decides they’re not important enough to be told.

It’s her birthday and there’s cake for tea even if there are no presents.

They’ve moved the candles farther away from the table. The easier not to see her with, because the marks keep coming back and won’t wash off any more.

She wants to see her birthday treats, so she moves one of the candles closer again, through her father’s throat, but it’s blunt and the wax breaks too easily so she has to use several more before there’s enough light and he’s stopped being noisy.

She’s sitting on the Earl’s lap, eating a slice of cake which only tastes the better for her bloodied fingers, and together they watch as her mother shakes in the throes of a dream, till the blood comes out of her eyes and mouth and she’s still.

The Earl pats her on the head and gives her more of those sweets, not for being good or despite of it, but because it’s what her family does.

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